Yoga Instructor

  • Posture Workout Band, This is a great tool! Both for the posture, balance, stretching and strengthening the legs/core/shoulders.

  • So FUN to be creative and find new ways to work on both dynamic stretch, and strengthening exercises to improve my yoga in different ways. And have fun at the same time. it’s a way to inspire myself…

  • This tool is perfect for beginners, to work with the “line”in different yoga positions, and have support for the balance when trying new things

  • Dynamic stretch is my favorite way of exercise. Just breathe and feel. Suck in the belly when exhale and relax in every part of the body that doesn’t need to be involved. To: “get the mind in the muscles”

Adriel “Bacon” Young


  • As a lifeguard it’s super important to have a good posture, fitness is a massive part of your lifestyle as lifeguards and since I’ve been wearing Posture Flexi I can already notice a massive improvement of my posture and the way my body is now correcting itself even without Flexi.

  • I strongly recommend Posture Flexi to anyone wanting to improve their posture especially people with active lifestyles like myself.

Oskar In de Betou


  • In a society full of office working people, Swedish Posture Flexi is the natural tool for a better posture. The connective tissue is adaptable and will therefore become more elastic after regular use of Posture Flexi.

  • Thanks to Posture Flexi, my customers get the prerequisites for the head, chest back and pelvis to take a better position in both sitting and standing positions. As a result, they reduce or eliminate their problems..

  • Especially people with sedentary jobs, people who are heavy and people who experience a weakening in posture should use Posture Flexi alternately during the day for a combined prevention and healing effect on posture-related problems.

  • Even athletes I encountered in my niche as a naprapath, runners have had good benefit and results and an upright position for improved oxygenation with Posture Flexi before, during and after exercise