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The Posture Vertical Backpack is the first backpack of its kind, specifically created to improve your posture. The chest crossover design allows any weight you carry to rest on your sternum, close to your center of gravity, where you are the strongest. This design also leaves your shoulders free for movement, making the backpack feel lighter as you carry your daily belongings.

Posture Vertical Backpack

Most of us are sitting more than 9 hours a day. And you’ve probably notice that most of us are sitting in slouching positions far too often. Have you found yourself walking or standing in a hunched position over your phone?

Every time you round your back, you are relaxing your core muscles, which causes your stomach to protrude, and your head and shoulders to fall forward.
But when you straighten your back, you are engaging your core muscles, which causes your stomach to flatten, and positions your head and shoulders to be aligned with your spine.

bad posture sitting

We wanted to help you, and your back, stand up a little straighter, so we invented the Posture Vertical Backpack. It is designed to improve your posture, by automatically engaging your core muscles, as you carry your belongings to your destination.
posture effects

A normal backpack

– Impairs your posture by causing you to roll your shoulders forward for weight compensation.
Tightens your joints and muscles in your shoulders, which can cause muscle strain.
Rounds your back and causes a forward head posture.
– Bends your hips forward to counter the backward pull.
– Changes your walking pattern, which can cause knee pain.

Posture Vertical Backpack

– Distributes no weight on your shoulders.
– Places the weight on your sternum and your center of gravity.
– Engages your abdominal muscles.
Expands your chest naturally.
– Positions your head over your shoulders.
– Allows the spine to rest in the natural S-curve.
– Permits hips and knees to stay in a natural position.

Other Features

– Magnet closure
– Hidden Valuables Pocket
– Laptop Compartment
– USB Charger (Power bank not included)
– Ergonomic
– Trolley Holder
– Foldable Top for Adjustable Volume
– Hand Carrying Strap
– Posture Friendly
– Important – NOT for pacemaker patients.

November 20th

On 20th of November you will be able to buy this product to a very discounted price on Kickstarter.

We will send the link as a reminder on the 20th.

Invest in your back and this product!

Very discounted Price

First 25 buying the backpack :
60 USD.
Next 50 buying:
80 USD

Thank’s for Backing your Back with the Posture Vertical Backpack.
More than 50 % discount on the Backpack. You save more than 50 USD.
(Future Retail Price: 129 USD + Taxes + Shipping)

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