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Posture and Sports

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A good posture is not only beautiful, it can also improve your technique during training.

Why is it good to have a correct posture when exercising?

In short, it can be said that a good posture gives better performance and reduced injury risk. A good posture helps you get better technique and position during several exercises at the gym, such as weight lifting. An open upper body can also extend the step and deepen breathing when running. With more stretched chest muscles you also get better balance between the front and back body.

Below we have listed different sports and what is important to consider in each sport regarding the posture. We also provide exercise tips on strengthening the posture.


golf och hållning

A good posture is one of the keys for a perfect swing.

The vertebral vertebrae are stacked on top of one another and with a straight posture, the vertebrae can rotate more easily which gives you a greater range of motion in your swing. It makes it also easier to get full power into the golf swing. Exercise the posture helps you to naturally find your correct base position which is the key in a good golf swing.

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Posture Reminder T-shirt
Posture Flexi sele för hållningen Posture Reminder t-shirt hållningströja
Function of the products:
Both Posture Flexi and Posture Reminder T-shirt help you to be reminded not to hunch into a c-curved spine. It guides you to keep shoulder blades together and helps you to keep your spine straight (s-curved natural position). Both are a very good alternative when you are going to perform golf for many hours and need to have the perfect posture for every

Tips on 3 exercises to improve posture:

Improve the posture, strengthen the torso muscles so you can keep your back straight throughout the whole swing.

Back lifts
ryggresning hållningsträning• Lie on stomach with arms over your head
• Lift the upper body as high as you can
Work should be done in the back so look down into the floor so that the neck is not stretched too much
• Repeat in sets of 10 at least three times.

Static trunk press "reversed plank" • Lie on your back, lift legs from the floor to about 90 degrees
• Lift the shoulders, head and arms off the floor and hold completely still
• Press the lower back against the floor as hard as you can
• The work is done in the deep abdominal muscles
• Repeat 30 seconds x 3 repetitions 

Stretch of the gluteus to maintain mobility and suppleness of the hip which is necessary for good power in the swing.

töjning av sätesmuskulaturen för hållning
• Sit on the floor or on a chair, place the foot on the opposite knee, push the knee towards the stomach
• Support your back with your arms behind the body so that your back is straight
• Stretching takes place in the deep muscles of the gluteus
• Hold still for 30 seconds / leg



ridning och hållning
Posture training for equestrian sports is essential as posture and physical strength guides the horse. Poor balance and bad posture make you tensed and it affects the horse which gives less control over the horse. The rider's posture affects the horse's power in the steps and the interplay between the horse and the rider.

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Posture Balance Core Trainer Seat,
Posture Mini Gym

Function of the products:
On the Posture Balance you are by balancing while sitting which improves your strength in torso, hip, pelvis and lower back. It’s good to practice balance strength as a horse rider.

Posture Mini Gym has many uses and its excellent for strengthening the back and leg muscles which are important when riding.

Tips on 3 exercises for improved posture in equestrian sports:

Rowing with Posture Minigymrodd 
• Fold the upper body forward with straight back
• Keep wide and tight against the stomach
• The work is done in the muscles around the lumbar spine
• Repeat 3x10

Seat lift
säteslyft för bättre hållning
• Lie on your back with bent legs
• Raise the gluteus as high as you can, hold for a second
• Lower the gluteus to the starting position
• Work is done in the gluteus, back thighs and lower back
• Repeat 3x10
• If it feels too easy stretch one leg at the time, do not forget to alternate legs

Balance training "the dragon"
balansträning för starkare hållning
• Stand on one leg, fold the body forward with a straight back and lift the other leg straight back upwards
• Be sure to tighten your stomach for a correct position
• The work is done in all the balancing muscles in the body
• Repeat in sets of 10 at least three times.


Hållningstshirt vid squats
Good posture leads to an energy efficient running and reduces stress on the calves and the Achilles tendons. Frequent running training increases the risk of wear and tear on health and wellness, so posture training is a way to reduce the load and then reduce the risk of injury. Strong trunk muscles are the solution for good posture.

Recommended product:
Posture Reminder T-shirt
Posture Reminder-T-shirt
Function of the product:
Posture Reminder T-shirt helps you to be reminded not to collapse with the spine. It pulls you back slightly and helps you keep your spine straight and your shoulders position improved. Very good support when performing your sport for many hours and need a good posture.

Tips on 3 exercises to improve posture before running:

Standing hip extension (to get energy efficient running technique)extension• Hold onto something
• Move one leg as far back as you can without changing the body position
• Tighten the stomach
• The work is done in the gluteus muscles
• Repeat in sets of 10 at least three times per leg.

Side plank
• Lie on your side
• Support your body with elbow and feet (alternatively your knees)
• Lift the gluteus as high as possible from the ground
• The work is done in lateral abdominals
• Repeat in sets of 30 seconds at least three times.

Diagonal lifts
• Stand on all fours
• Lift the left arm and right leg diagonally. Switch leg and arm
• Make your body as long as possible• Be sure to suck in the stomach to stabilize the movement and a tension in the core
• The work is done on the entire back of the body and abdominal muscles
• Repeat in sets of 10 at least three times.

Weight workout

hållning på gymmet vid styrketräning
An improved posture leads to good technique in all strength gym exercises and reduces the risk of injuries. When strength training with free weights, it is very important to have good posture, in order for the technique in the execution to be correct. There is a great risk in weight training with heavy weights that you injure yourself if you have a poor posture, for example when lifting the ground.

Recommended products:
Posture Flexi corrector
Posture Feminine shoulder support
Posture Flexi sele för hållningen Posture Flexi sele för hållningen
Function of the product:
Posture Flexi and Posture Feminine help you to pull shoulder blades together for an improved posture in a soft way. It supports you for a few hours while exercising without interfering with your mobility.

Tips on 3 exercises to improve posture:


• Bend your upper body forward and keep your back and legs straight.
• Support your knee to maintain a straight back, maintain a straight back.
• Pull the weight towards your chest without rotating your back.
• The work is done in the back muscles but also in the arms
• Repeat in sets of 10 at least three times per arm

Lunges with kettle bell

• Hold a weight over your head with a straight arm
• Step with large steps forward and descend towards the ground, be careful of the step length risk of knee pain otherwise (90 degrees angels in both knees at the deepest)
• Change arm after half the distance
• The work is done while stabilizing the trunk muscles, arms and legs
• Repeat 10 steps, then change arm and perform 10 steps per leg and three repetitions.

Chest Stretch (if the chest muscles are tight, the posture will be negatively affected)
breast stretch
• Stand by a door post or in a corner
• Place the lower arm/arms on the outside of the door opening in 90 degrees angel or higher
• Lean your body gently forward to stretch the chest and breathe deeply
• Stretch for minimum 30 seconds per side